10 Solos for Percussion

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Gert Bomhof

General Info

Year of Publication : 1997
Publisher : De Haske Publications
Difficulty : Intermediate
ISBN : 978-9-0732-5243-11-7
Page : 24
Series : De Haske Percussion Series
Cost : €14.94
Language ‏ : ‎ English


This book starts with simple studies for snare drum and progresses to complex pieces for multi percussion, including tom-toms, snare drum, suspended cymbals and temple blocks. Each piece works in its own right and will make an ideal percussion feature in any concert.

Song List

1. Level One
2. A Little More
3. Double Done
4. Muliti Boy
5. Snare Dance
6. Multiple Suite
7. Done With Fun
8. Mulitissimo
9. Rudique
10. Totalussion

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