Mallet Minded

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Ivo Weijmans

General Info

Editor: Gert Bomhof
Release year:2000
Publisher: De Haske Publications
Series De Haske Percussion Series
Level: Intermediate
Number of Pages: 44
Cost: £10.50


This book contains 28 fantastic pieces that can be played on either two xylophones, two marimbas or on a xylophone and a marimba.

Song List

1. March
2. Song for Brechje
3. Foxy...
4. ...and Rocky
5. Rigaudon
6. Polka
7. Bagamoyo
8. Galop
9. Danza Italliana
10. Burlesca
11. On the Border
12. Tango per due
13. Samba
14 Taboo in Blue
15. Pep-Talk
16. Ballad
17. English Breakfast
18. Hungarian Folksong
19. Big Marble
20. Tema con Variazioni
21. Rondo Ritmico
22. Waltz
23. Rock
24. Challenger
25. All About Guns and Rabbits
26. Cat and Mouse
27. Cakewalk
28. One Tequila to much

Works for Percussion by this Composer

Mallet Minded
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