5 Aspekte, op.88d

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Bertold Hummel

General Info

Year: 1988
Duration: c. 13:00
Difficulty: (see Ratings for explanation)
Publisher: Simrock
Cost: Score and Parts - $0.00   |   Score Only - $0.00



Player I: Xylophone, snare drum, wood block, suspended cymbal, gong
Player II: Vibraphone, field drum, guiro, vibra-slap, suspended cymbal, Chinese cymbal
Player III: Marimba, tom-tom, wood drum, sizzle cymbal

Program Notes


A medium-difficult multipercussion trio in five movements. Prolog is scored for xylophone, vibe and marimba, along with several standard metallic and wooden instruments. Many double stops (struck and rolled) are used but present few problems at a tempo of quarter =60. Toccata is scored for three drums and uses unison writing, some hocketing and some interesting (rhythmically) canonic writing. Many sixteenth-notes in a tempo of quarter =138 demand very accurate timing for clarity. Notturn is slower (quarter=54) and again uses the three keyboard instruments, along with various suspended cymbals. Some 3-mallet playing is required on the vibe and marimba. The use of thirty-second-notes (written as double-stroked sixteenths) may present some problems in evenness of sound. K&ur is quite fast (quarter= l76) and is a rhythmic unison among the three keyboard instruments. The “harmonic” content throughout consists of two simultaneous whole steps (e.g., Bb/C/D; F/G/ 4 etc.) Changing meters, rests and rapid or wide dynamic changes contribute to the challenge of this movement. Epilog is scored for almost the entire complement of instruments, but again relies heavily on the keyboard instruments. More rhythmic complexity is present; meters and tempi change at times; and the vibe has several “senza misura” cadenza-like sections. The score seems a little cluttered, but the parts are extremely easy to read-matte-finish paper; black ink, large print; very clear dynamics, mallet indications, performance instructions, page turns planned. - John Baldwin, April 1993[1]



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