5 Piece for Marimba Volume 4

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Emmanuel Séjourné

General Info

Publisher: Alphonse Leduc
Difficulty: Intermediate
Duration: 00:13:35
Cost: $32.75




5 Pieces pour Marimba Solo by Emmanuel Séjourné contains a handful of short pieces that are all audience-friendly and accessible to advanced high school or early college percussionists. Each solo has a different compositional style:

  • Balafon is named after a Guinean percussion instrument and features a lot of playing on different zones of the bars to create color differences on the fly. The entire piece is a melody, with no harmony - it sounds like a traditional Guinean tune.
  • Ambira is inspired by Ethiopian rhythms, featuring bar dampening and intentional buzzing to recreate the sound of the actual ambira instrument.
  • Akadinda may be the most popular movement, featuring two completely independent lines that interweave (sometimes in a very complicated way) in a style inspired by the traditional Ugandan instrument of the same name.
  • Generalife is much more aggressive and rhythmic, and is suggested to be played in a brutal style.
  • Pretexte is a groovy, jazz-based solo completely unlike everything else in the book.


1. Balafon
2. Ambira
3. Akadinda
4. Generalife
5. Pretexte

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