Catching Shadows (percussion sextet version)

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Ivan Trevino

General Info

Year: 2013
Publisher: Ivan Trevino Publications
Difficulty: Intermediate
Duration: 00:09:00
Cost: $70.00


The percussion sextet of Ivan Trevino's Catching Shadows captures the vibe of the original marimba duet and dials up the intensity with the addition of more keyboards, cajons, and some more percussive instruments. Bringing art-rock to the percussion world, this ensemble is guaranteed to get the audience nodding their heads. It could effectively open or close any ensemble concert. A few very rapid lateral strokes that are split will give your marimba players something to work on. The middle section slows down considerably, changing the feel completely. The final, beautiful touch to this section is the addition of singing, so make sure you get players who can belt out some nice notes!


Player 1: Marimba
Player 2: Marimba
Player 3: Vibraphone
Player 4: Vibraphone
Player 5: Cajon, Hi-hat, Cymbal Stack, Crotales
Player 6: Cajon

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