Flow (Trevino)

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Ivan Trevino

General Info

Publisher: Ivan Trevino Publications
Difficulty: Intermediate
Duration: 00:09:30
Cost: $60.00


Flow by Ivan Trevino highlights one soloist playing both snare drum and marimba, backed up by three percussionists on keyboards and other percussion instruments. Dr. Eric Willie who commissioned the work said "Flow is like Mudra meets Marimba Spiritual meets Trevino." You can clearly hear Ivan's passion for indie rock music in this piece, particularly with the grooves and world percussion sounds that appear near the middle of the piece. The soloist will need healthy rudimental snare drum chops as well as a high amount of comfort on the marimba.


Soloist: 5.0-Octave Marimba & Snare Drum
Player 1: Vibraphone
Player 2: 5.0-Octave Marimba & Kick Drum (shared with player 3)
Player 3: Suspended Kick Drum & Hi Hat & Splash Cymbal & Djembe

Recent Performance

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