Cores Norte / Sul

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Ricardo Souza

General Info

Year: 2009
Duration: c. 11:00
Difficulty: (see Ratings for explanation)
Publisher: OU Percussion Press
Cost: Score and Parts - $0.00   |   Score Only - $0.00



Player 1: Crotales & Sleigh Bells & Lion's Roar & Sandpaper Block & Whistle
Player 2: Glockenspiel & 2 Woodblocks
Player 3: Xylophone & Ratchet
Player 4: Chimes & Spring Coil & Triangle & Mark Tree & Slapstick & Guiro & Suspended Cymbal & Bass Drum
Player 5: Vibraphone & Ratchet
Player 6: Vibraphone & Chinese Cymbal
Player 7: Marimba
Player 8: Marimba
Player 9: Marimba
Player 10: Marimba
Player 11: Timpani
Player 12: Chinese Cymbal & Triangle & Suspended Cymbal & Tam-tam & Bell Tree & 2 Wood Blocks & Sizzle Cymbal & Bongos & Cowbell (with foot pedal) & Caxixi & Conga & Cowbell (High)
Player 13: Flexatone & Lion's Roar & Concert Bass Drum & 2 glass bottles & Water Gong & Finger Cymbals & Wind Chimes (Key) & Guiro & Floor Tom & Repique & Hi-hat & pedal Bass Drum & Splash Cymbal & Tam-tam & Suspended Cymbal

Program Notes

When my wife returned from Brazil after her first visit I asked her what was different about Brazil. She answered: “the colors.” I tried to capture in Cores Norte/Sul two distinct regions that have different rhythms, instrumental combinations, and timbres. Yet, the two movements are performed without a break as if they belonged together. I guess I don’t notice some of these visual and cultural differences because they have become part of my reality: a South American living in North America. – Ricardo A. Coelho de Souza


This two-movement work paints a sonic landscape filled with exotic timbres and evocative sonorities. The first movement uses extended techniques throughout the ensemble in order to create an ethereal atmosphere. The second movement juxtaposes rhythmic ostinati in the keyboards against a driving groove in the percussion section. Cores Norte/Sul is a fun and challenging piece that is sure to delight audiences and performers alike.




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