McCarthy, Daniel

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Composer Name


Onekama, Michigan, November 20, 1955.


Studies: Ph.D., Music Composition and Theory, Kent State University, 1988.


Works for Percussion

The 9s - Timpani Solo
American Dance Music - Brass Quintet, Drum set and Xylophone
Balance of Power: Percussion & Timpani
Bundles of Sticks: Bassoon and Percussion
(The) Call of Boromir Horn and Marimba
Chamber Symphony No. 1 for Marimba & Winds
Concerto for Marimba, Percussion, and Synthesizers
Dance on Wahbekaness Solo Marimba
Dance Music: Percussion Ensemble
Event Horizon - Brass Quintet and Timpani
Infinity - Trumpet and Marimba/Vibes
Knock Yourself Out! - Tuba/Euphonium Quartet, drum set/perc.
KraftWerk Tuba and Percussion
Ms. Thang! - Marimba and Soprano Saxophone
On The Edge Trombone and Percussion
Razdraz - Marimba and Soprano (or Alto) Saxophone
Rimbadance: Marimba and Percussion Duo
Rimbasly - Marimba Solo with CD
Rimbasly: Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra
Rimbasly: Concerto for Marimba and Symphonic Band
Rimbasly: Concerto for Marimba and Percussion
Rimbasly: Marimba and Piano
River is the Way - Percussion Ensemble (10)
Song of Middle Earth: Marimba/Percussion Solo w/perc.
Swords of Power: Percussion Duo
Underwood Concerto: Marimba and Orchestra
Visions and Apparitions - Marimba and Soprano (or Alto) Saxophone
War Hammer - Marimba Solo with CD
Wild & Peacefull - Chamber Winds with perf/marimba
Xyprexia: Marimba Solo with Percussion Ens.