River is the Way

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Daniel McCarthy

General Info

Year of Published: 1998
Publisher: C. Alan Publication
Difficulty: Intermediate
Duration: 00:08:00
Cost: Score & Parts Only $48.00 Score Only $15.00


Player 1: Xylophone & Glockenspiel
Player 2: Vibraphone
Player 3: Marimba
Player 4: Marimba
Player 5: Bass Marimba
Player 6: Chimes & Bongos & Timbales & Snare Drum
Player 7: 4 Concert Tom-toms & Temple Blocks
Player 8: Finger cymbals & Tam-tam & Suspended Cymbals & Congas & Claves
Player 9: Maracas & Shaker & Tam-Tam & Sand Blocks
Player 10: Tam-tam & Bass Drum & Maracas


River is the Way by Daniel McCarthy is a 10 player percussion ensemble filled with delicious, funky grooves with a hint of Riverdance. This piece has a large set-up, and is a total crowd-pleaser. The best part is is that the performers are having just as much fun as the audience! It works on rolls, complicated accents and 16th note patterns, so players get to show off technical skills, as well.

Recent Performance

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