Dynamic Solos for Mallets

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Brian Slawson

General Info

Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing
Series: Alfred's Keyboard Percussion Series
ISBN: 978-0-7390-9651-2
Difficulty: Elementary
Cost: $8.99


Glockenspiel / Xylophone / Vibraphone / Marimba

Song List

1. Countdown
2. High Octane
3. Blast Off
4. Air in G Minor
5. Double-Stop Chop
6. Lullaby
7. Day Dreamer
8. The Proud Peacock
9. Chime Time
10. Yodeler
11. Rock Doctor
12. Buccaneer
13. Rolls for Lost Souls
14. Hefty Lefty
15. Bourée
16. Distant Drums
17. Tonto
18. Doo-Wop Diddy
19. Ludwig's Lament
20. Tickle Toe


Dynamic Solos for Mallets offers an appealing array of performance pieces designed to foster a musical approach to keyboard playing. Students are exposed to the use of dynamics in a gradual, coherent fashion, making it easy to understand their use as one of the essential vehicles for expression in music. Fundamental techniques in analysis are also stressed in order to fortify reading skills. Ideal for solo as well as concert use, these catchy works are written in a style that is sure to captivate students, as well as their audiences. A fantastic addition to your curriculum!

Works for Percussion by this Composer


Two-Beat Tango
Dynamic Solos for Timpani
Dynamic Solos for Mallets
Dynamic Solos for Snare Drum
Animal Cracker Rag

Percussion Ensemble

A Little Malletmusik
Angels in the Moonlight
Candlesticks - Percussion Octet
Christmas Day
Dreams From the Dark Forest
Füm Drum
Jokers Wild
La Vida de la Noche (Mallet Ensemble)
La Vida de la Noche (Percussion Ensemble)
Little Lullabies
Nanigo Navidad - Percussion (11)
Odd Duck - Percussion Quartet
Opa! - Percussion 10
Pelican - Percussion (9)
Pistoleros - Percussion (13)
Pop Drop
Rockbox - Percussion Nonet
Santa's Strut
Tale of the Dragon
The Three Buccaneers
Top Tank
When You Hear the Drum
Winterland - Percussion Octet

Percussion Ensemble with Other Instrument

An American Dream - Percussion Ensemble & Trumpet