Dynamic Solos for Timpani

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Brian Slawson

General Info

Publisher: Alfred Music
Difficulty: Elementary to Intermediate
ISBN: 978-0-7390-8755-8
Cost: $8.99



Song List

1. Single Drum Strut
2. Doubleheader
3. Space is the Place
4. Pauken Platz
5. Beat Four Hits the Floor
6. Roll Patrol
7. Starting Pitcher
8. Different Strokes
9. Tamale Timbales
10. Pop Gun
11. Gut Buster
12. Piper's Tale
13. Copper Rocks
14. Waltz of the Donuts
15. Quiere Bailar?
16. Paukenstein
17. Dot's Polka
18. March of the Giants


Dynamic Solos for Timpani by Brian Slawson is a collection of short works for beginning percussion students, slowly incorporating musical ideas like dynamics, phrasing, different meters and tempos. Great for beginning students that are working on their musicality as well as general proficiency on timpani, the solos in this collection slowly get more difficult so students stay challenged and keep learning!

Works for Percussion by this Composer


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Opa! - Percussion 10
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Pistoleros - Percussion (13)
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Rockbox - Percussion Nonet
Santa's Strut
Tale of the Dragon
The Three Buccaneers
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Percussion Ensemble with Other Instrument

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