Easy Improvisation

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General Info

Year: 2017
Difficulty: Elementary
Publisher: Hal Leonard
ISBN: 978-1-4950-9653-2
Page: 32
Cost: $9.99


Glockenspiel / Xylophone / Vibraphone / Marimba

Program Notes

Easy Improvisation is a great way to learn the basics of improvising; on your own; with friends; or with the whole band! Musicians are given guidance to play along in parts; to play along with written-out solos; or to improvise on their own. The audio tracks include demonstration of the music on the page; or just the background rhythms and chords. 30 different styles are included: rock 'n' roll; hip-hop; jazz; EDM; country; Bossa Nova; calypso; cha-cha; reggae; and more. Use sample solos and other tips to start improvising today!


1. Bossa Nova
2. Calypso
3. Cinematic
4. Cha-cha Major
5. Cha-Cha Minor
6. Country Blues
7. Country Waltz
8. Cumbia
9. Disco
10. Drumline
11. E. D. M.
12. '50s Slow Rock
13. Funk
14. Gypsy Flamenco
15. Heavy Metal
16. Hip-hop
17. Jazz Dominant 7th
18. Jazz Dorian 1
19. Jazz Dorian 2
20. Jazz Major
21. Liverpool
22. Mambo
23. Middle Eastern
24. Piano Ballad
25. Pirates
26. R & B
27. Reggae
28. Rock 'n' Roll
29. '60s Folk
30. Zydeco

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