Fundamental Studies for Mallets

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Garwood Whaley

General Info

Year: 20
Edition: c.
Publisher: Meredith
Cost: Book Cost - $17.95   |   Supplemental Books - $0.00


Fundamental Studies for Mallets is a collection of progressive studies for the beginning student from percussion master Garwood Whaley. It is divided into three sections. The first section examines technique, reading and memorization. The second section features works by well known composers arranged for mallet instruments. The final section is a technical study of elementary exercises including basic scales and chords.


Section 1: Preliminary Studies

The purpose of this section is to provide the student with a multi-faceted, self-motivating approach to mallet playing. Through the integration of technical studies, reading and memorization, the student's keyboard facility will quickly develop. The memorization of recognizable or "rote" tunes is quite beneficial since it both motivates the student and develops his "keyboard motor skills". Students should be encouraged to memorize at least one piece per week. Each technical study should also be memorized.
C Major / F Major / G Major / Bb Major / D Major / Eb Major / A Major

Section 2: Reading Studies

The purpose of Section 2 is to provide the student with a progressive series of reading studies. The following music was selected on the basis of its adaptability to mallet instruments and for the aesthetic quality of each work. By perfecting each of the following pieces, the student will develop both reading skills and an appreciation for good music. 1. Impertinence
2. March
3. Le Petit Rien
4. Sonatina - Muzio Clementi
5. Pastorale -Friedrich Burgmüller
6. Minuet - J.S. Bach
7. Andante
8. The Clock
9. Polonaise - J.S. Bach
10. Bourrée - J.S. Bach
11. The New Doll
12. Sonatina -Heinrich Lichner
13. Andante - Muzio Clementi
14. March - Cornelius Gurlitt
15. Carefree
16. Larghetto
17. Prelude #2
18. Little Hunting Song
19. Allegretto


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