Fundamental Studies for Timpani

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Garwood Whaley

General Info

Year: 1973
Edition: c.
Publisher: Meredith
Difficulty: Elementary
ISBN: 978-1-6172-7028-4
Cost: Book Cost - $16.95   |   Supplemental Books - $0.00


Whaley, Garwood. Fundamental Studies for Timpani. N.Y., JR Publications, Inc, 1973.
The beginning of this book goes over how to hold the sticks and the playing technique. The first exercises are quarter notes and eighth notes. Then he moves on to rolls, muffling, the staccato stroke, and cross sticking. He briefly explains there purposes and then gives a few pages of music working on this specific technique. Then he moves on to section two, which provides the musician with examples of standard timpani parts and combine all of the previously learned techniques. Section three has twenty-four short exercises that work on tuning the drum during rests and becoming comfortable with the intervals.


Section 1: Preliminary Studies
Section 2: Miscellaneous Studies


Student Reviews

I think this book is good for a beginning player, but he only uses two drums throughout the whole book. Also, he goes over tuning the drums, but never mentions using a tuning fork. A timpanist must use a tuning fork. A good thing about this book is that he subtly introduces the student to musical terms, dynamics, subdivisions, and a variety of time signatures (with instructions on how to count them) without over whelming the student with information. This book is alright for the beginning timpanist, but if they wish to move past the basics they will need a different book.
Rating: III
Review by Ashley Feist


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