Jenny, Jack

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Jack Jenny


Born: September 29, 1951

Country: Columbus, Ohio

Studies: Ohio State University (D.M.A 1979)

Teachers: Marshall Barnes, Jay Huff, Joe Levi, Thomas Wells

Works for Percussion

At Odds: A Suite for Solo Snare DrumSnare Drum
Echoes beyond the ForeverPercussion Quartet; Tape
Ethos: A Six Mallet Marimba SoloMarimba
Fanfare to Devon - Percussion Trio later expanded to Sectet
ElectroPerc - Multiple Percussion, Electronic Soundscape
Gizmo - Percussion Ensemble & Sound Processor
Into the Sunset - Percussion Quintet
Music for Kettledrums and Percussion EnsemblePercussion Quintet; Timpani
North of the Star - Multiple Percussion, Max MSP
Pentagonals – Marimba
Ping, Pang, PongMultiple Percussion
Pursuit for Solo Marimba and Percussion EnsemblePercussion Septet; Marimba
Stratospheres - Percussion Ensemble, Orchestra or Concert Band
Three Moods for Marimba – Marimba
Three Scenes From The Scioto – Percussion Ensemble(14)