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Heng Liu


Born: 1954

Country: China

Studies: Central Conservatory of Music

Teachers: Gang LIU, Biao LI


Heng LIU, percussion principle of National Center for the Performing Arts Orchestra , executive director of Chinese percussion the association, artist of MEINL Percussion, MEINL Cymbals, Innovative Percussion, Marimba One, and Remo.

Heng LIU studied percussion from childhood with his father Yaguang LIU, professor of percussion at Xi 'an Conservatory of Music. In 2005, he was admitted to the Central Conservatory of Music. He studied with professor Gang LIU and professor Biao LI successively and obtained bachelor's and master's degrees. By the time he was 18, liu heng had won the first price in the "National Youth Percussion Competition". Heng LIU was invited by the "Italian International Percussion Competition" as a percussion jury, and held master classes and special concerts, and in the annual "International Network Percussion Competition" as a jury, Heng LIU is also the jury of "National Youth Percussion Competition".

Major cities in China from 2017 to 2019, LIU opened the improvisation and interactive Percussion trip - "Give me one hour ", including Tiaoqiao Art Center in Beijing, Shanghai Oriental Art Center, Xi 'An concert hall, Shijiazhuang Center for the Performing Arts, etc., using live fully and interactive way of playing will rich percussion music world to the audience.

Now, Heng LIU has published two albums: "percussion visionary --Heng LIU Percussion Concert" and "DRUMS", an original album released by "Hei Chao Duo" with famous drummer Yanchao Li, as well as his personal column "Heng LIU said" in music weekly.

As a percussion performer, Heng LIU has traveled to various music festivals around the world. They include Italian International Percussion Competition and Festival, Greek International Percussion Competition and Festival, NCPA International Percussion Festival, Beijing International Electronic Music Festival, Beijing Modern Music Festival, Jazz Shanghai Music Festival, Strawberry Music Festival, MIDI Festival and so on.

At the same time, LIU has created more than 30 works, such as percussion ensemble piece "The "General", "Memory", "Face2Face", percussion and electronic music "Delay", "Percumotion" percussion solo "Rain the Blind Monk", "Wild LEO ", "Poem" and so on, and in 2016, with China's Traditional Percussion solo piece "Gazing on Mountain TAI" won the 1st price of "China Traditional Music Festival - CCOM ethnic Percussion works collection competitoin".

In 2019, Heng LIU won "Best Work Awards of" and "Best All-round Percussionist" of "2019 Drummmer's Ceremony".[1]

Works for Percussion

5imple Quintet - Percussion Quintet
2620 STARS - Percussion Ensemble (12)
A Sky Full of Stars - Percussion Ensemble (12)
All River Run Into Sea - Percussion Quintet
Anxiety - Two Movements for Marimba Solo - Marimba
Atoms for 4 - Percussion Quartet
Brave Troops - Percussion Duo
Dance for Yao People - Marimba
Delay - Marimba, Electronics
FACE2FACE - Percussion Duo
Fly - Hand Pan, 4 Percussion; Percussion Quintet
Gazing on Mountain TAI - Chinese Traditional Percussion
The General - Percussion Duo - Marimba and Chinese Traditional Percussion
Impression (Liu) - Percussion Quintet
Impression II - Percussion Duo
LIBER TANGO X - Percussion Sextet
Memory - Percussion Trio - Mallet Trio
Monkey Play - Percussion Quartet
Oub-duO - Percussion Duo
Rain the Blind Monk - Multiple Percussion
Saturn's Rings - 4 players on 1 Marimba and percs
SPACE TIME - Snare Drum, Cymbal and Tape
When Spring Comes - Marimba
When the sun goes down - Solo for Hand-Percussion-Setup and Tape
Wild LEO - Marimba
Vermillion Bird - Marimba
Yes!!! - Marimba and Electronics