Marimba Concerto N°3

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Lin Chin Cheng

General Info

Subtitle: “Notre-Dame de Paris” (巴黎聖母院)
Year of Published: 2014
Commissioner: Ju Percussion Group


Movement 1: Vivace
Movement 2: Adagio
Movement 3: Allegro


With concepts of drama and theater, this marimba concerto was inspired by French novelist Victor Hugo’s Notre-Dame de Paris (English: The Hunchback of Notre-Dame). This marimba concerto contains three movements, and each movement represents a figure in the novel, which are: the handsome Captain Phoebus, the beautiful gypsy Esméralda, and the hunchback Quasimodo. The marimba soloist represents the beautiful gypsy Esméralda, manifesting her captivating prowess through six mallets, while the marimba, pleasant and rich in musicality, illustrates their poignant love story. [1]

Recent Performance

Wu Pei Ching and Taipei Symphonic Winds (Wind Orchestra Version)
First Movement (Percussion Ensemble Version)

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