Master Technique Builders for Snare Drum

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Anthony Cirone
Charles Dowd

General Info

Year: 1982
Edition: c.
Publisher: Belwin-Mills Publishing Co.
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The phrase “Actual Daily Practice Routines Used by the Professionals” is very eye catching, and then to discover the percussionist that have been included in this work truly makes it not only exciting to read and work through, but also very valuable to the performer. Practices techniques from the greats such as Cirone, Beck, Dowd, and many more help contribute to the performers skills.


Student Reviews

"Seeing that this book is all about how to practice it is useful to someone at any level of playing. To adopt some ideas from this book early on would greatly improve anyone’s playing in the long run. For the more experienced percussionist it provides feedback to see if what they are doing in the practice rooms is leading them on the correct path while also providing new material in the case that there is something that is troubling the performer." - Denver Ridgway


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