Simple Steps to Keyboard Percussion

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Anthony Cirone

General Info

Year: 1991
Edition: c.
Level: Elementary
Publisher: Belwin Music & Alfred Music
Cost: $7.99
Page: 48
ISBN: 978-0-7692-5023-6
Series: Simple Steps Series


For the beginning percussionist, expert instruction in the rudiments of the keyboard percussion instruments. Detail-oriented, teaching the specific skills for Keyboard Percussion.


Step 1: Selecting the proper equipment
Step 2: Holding the mallets
Step 3: Proper execution
Step 4: Learning to read music
Step 5: Combining all the notes
Step 6: Learning to read Quarter-notes
Step 7: Melodies
Step 8: Quarter-rest
Step 9: Half-notes and Whole-notes
Step 10: Roll
Step 11: Melodies with Rolls
Step 12: More Melodies
Step 13: Introducing Sharps
Step 14: Introducing Flats
Step 15: Eighth-notes
Step 16: Keyboard Solos with Eighth-notes
Step 17: Dotted Quarter-Notes
Step 18: Accidentals
Step 19: Phrasing
Step 20: Six-Eight Time
Step 21: Double Stop
Step 22: Cut-time
Step 23: Sixteenth-note
Step 24: Final Keyboard Solos



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