Odd Meter Studies for Snare Drum

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Kevin Bobo

General Info

Originally published: October 20, 2010 Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced Cost: $18.00


  • 35 Graduated Etudes
  • Exposes Students to 5/8, 7/8, 5/16, 7/16, and More
  • Complicated Rhythms Inside Time Signatures
  • Jury/Barrier Material
  • Useful as Sight-Reading


The exercises in this book are designed to help the percussionist develop a stronger understanding of odd meters and time signatures. When playing music with odd meters, the way each measure is felt is extremely important and often overlooked. Most meters, not just odd meters, contain within them unique characteristics that help determine how they will be interpreted and played. For example, when making a close analysis of 4/4 time and cut time, one will note that mathematically they are identical to one another in that the same number of quarter notes fits into each measure. The difference is, however, that the pulse in time is most commonly felt as four primary beats to the measure, whereas, in cut time the pulse is usually felt as two primary beats. This same principle can be applied to the interpretation of odd meters. The author recognizes that there can be certain factors in music that will change how a measure is felt; however, in the case of this book, the rules touched on above and outlined in the next few pages will be observed throughout. The thirty-five exercises in this book start with simple rhythms and meters, which gradually become more difficult by adding complex rhythms, accents, dynamics, ornaments, rolls and shifting time signatures.

Books for Percussion by this Composer

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Odd Meter Studies for Snare Drum

Works for Percussion by this Composer

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Insomnia - Percussion Quartet
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Quartet for Snare Drums - Percussion Quartet
Rhythmic Jambalaya - Marimba
Snare Drum Duet (Bobo) - Percussion Duo
Two Dances for Snare Drum - Snare Drum
Two Fountains - Marimba


Outside of simply using the book for lessons, these etudes also make very effective audition materials for high school students entering college, and can also be used to evaluate sight-reading or barrier-level skills. WRITTEN BY Michael Doole