Rae, Allan

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Allan Rae


Born: July 03, 1942

Country: Blairmore, Alberta, Canada

Studies: Berklee College of Music (1965), Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto (1970-73)



Allan Rae, a prolific Canadian composer, has composed more than one hundred works for Orchestra, Chamber, small ensembles, and solo instruments. In addition to ‘serious music’ he has composed for well over one hundred stage productions, specifically, program music, background music, and music soundscapes for Theatres across Canada. His music has been performed in Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia, New York, California, South America and Europe.

Allan Rae was born in Blairmore Alberta in 1942 and after high school became a member of the Canadian Forces LdSH band in Calgary. During the three years in the Forces band, began the study of music and composition. After leaving the Forces, enrolled and completed music study at Berklee College of Music in Boston. While pursuing a career of profession trumpet player / composer / conductor, he spent three years studying in Toronto at the Toronto Conservatoryof Music with Samuel Dolin.

Rae has created a music which is notable for its colourful textures, eclectic vocabulary, and expressive directness. Drawing from the diverse realms of the concert hall, electro acoustic studio and jazz performance, the music is charged with rhythmic vitality, melodic invention, improvisatory gesture, and sensuous expressivities. As a result of his work in the theatre and for film and television, Rae’s music is multi-layered yet economical, accessible yet adventurous, emotional yet intelligent. Although the spacious qualities of his music can be heard to arise from his western Canadian heritage, many other passages result from his musical exploration or influences as diverse as the surrealist paintings of Dali, science fiction, and myths and legends of the North American Native Traditions.[1]

Works for Percussion

En passant - Percussion Duo
Ode to a Pumpkin - Percussion Quintet
Sleep whispering - Vibraphone, Flute, Piano