Rettew, Jeff

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Composer Name


Born: December 30, 1966

Country: Denver, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.


Teachers: Douglas Kulp, Leon Mink


Works for Percussion

34 Etudes for the Developing Multiple Percussionist - Multiple Percussion
4, 3-1 - Percussion Duo
5 Short Intermediate Snare Drum Solos - Snare Drum
A Bucket of Knights - Percussion Sextet
A Bucket of Thunderstones - Percussion Septet
All Aboard - Percussion Sextet
Avalon - Percussion Duo
Back to Basics - Percussion Quartet
Bubble Gum Fritters - Percussion Duo
Dègagè - Percussion Quartet
El Toro (Rettew) - Percussion Octet
Four To Go - Percussion Quartet
Gargoyle - Snare Drum
Helix - Percussion Quintet
Hercules - Snare Drum
In 3-D - Snare Drum Duo
Incantations - Percussion Trio
Incognito - Percussion Trio
Inter Alia - Percussion Sextet
Lumii - Snare Drum Duo
Marshmallow - Percussion Sextet
Parade (Rettew) - Percussion Quintet
Rhythm Knights - Percussion Sextet
Sasha - Percussion Duo
Seriatim - Percussion Quintet
Shockwave - Percussion Quartet
Simply, "Gifts" - Percussion Octet
Slip Knot - Snare Drum
The Line-Up - Percussion Octet
Timbuktwo - Snare Drum Duo
Time Scope - Percussion Nonet
Triangulation - Percussion Trio
Tribal Chants - Percussion Quartet
Triumviri - Percussion Trio
Upshot - Percussion Quartet
Wind Blown - Snare Drum
Young Drums - Percussion Trio