Rossé, François

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François Rossé


Born: June 16, 1945

Country: Reichshoffen, France

Studies: Conservatoire de Strasbourg, Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique

Teachers: Olivier Messiaen, Betsy Jolas, Ivo Malec, Iannis Xenakis


He first studied piano and then musical analysis and composition . He was one of the last students of Olivier Messiaen at the CNSMDP . He also studies with Ivo Malec and Paul Méfano . Appointed professor of analysis at the CNR of Bordeaux in 1974, he met Jean-Marie Londeix , which will make him writing for saxophones using new techniques developed this instrument 1 . Exploration that it will quickly expand to all the other instruments of the orchestra , even the most incongruous or improbable (like the fire trucks ...).

Holder of several international composition awards (including the SACEM 1994 National Prize for all of his work), he is elevated to the rank of Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters , a distinction he likes to bring together. of that (obtained the same year 1991) of "Maistre Taster of Aligot" of the Amicale of Cantalès and the Buronniers of the Monts d'Aubrac. Two significant aspects of a colorful character, possessor of a science and a craft some acquired to compose the 400 numbers of Opus that one owes him today, sensitive in good epicurean to the pleasures of the spirit as to those of the body.

An improviser, he performed with French musicians recognized as Beñat Achiary , Denis Badault , Bernard Lubat , Jean-Marc Padovani , Carlo Rizzo , Sylvain Kassap , Robert Jean-Pierre , Gérard Siracusa , Michel Etxekopar or storytellers like René Martinez.

He is also the author of numerous poetic and theoretical texts in French and German. One of his latest creations was on the theme of Joan of Arc ECCE JOANNA, created in Rouen in December 2008. He is one of the co-founders of the ICAR Group (Interpreters and Composers of Aquitaine for Research).[1]

Works for Percussion

070287 - Vibraphone, Alto Voice
Bob Corail - Multiple Percussion, Guitar, Piano
Etki en droutzy - Multiple Percussion, Saxophone
für ein Sandkörnchen von Osten - Multiple Percussion, Flute
Hydr'opus - Percussion Quintet
Intangibles - Percussion Sextet
Lianes - Marimba, Orchestra
Mod'Son, micro-tragedie instrumentale - Mallets (Mar/Vibes), Clarinet
Pour un vegetal qui sonne - Marimba, with Tape