Rudiments 3 (Timbales)

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Thierry Deleruyelle

General Info

Year: 2021
Publisher: De Haske
Series: De Haske Percussion Series
Difficulty: (Elementary
Cost: $22.95




Program Notes

RUDIMENTS is a method in five volumes bringing together all the fundamental technique of percussion through the basic instruments: Snare drum (book 1), Xylophone (book 2), Timpani (book 3), Vibraphone and Marimba 4 sticks (book 4) and Accessories (book 5). It is aimed at both beginners and experienced students, as well as professional musicians who wish to maintain their technical level. Each book begins with simple and easy exercises while already addressing a large part of the technical notions you know. The set of books on the method thus makes it possible to quickly integrate an orchestra or to interpret various pieces, alone or with others. Clear and coherent, RUDIMENTS is easy to understand and accessible to everyone.




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Works for Percussion by this Composer

Rudiments 1 (Caisse Claire)
Rudiments 2 (Xylophone)
Rudiments 3 (Timbales)
Rudiments 4 (Vibraphone & Marimba)
Rudiments 5 (Accessoires)
Balalaïka for solo marimba

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