Samkopf, Kjell

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Composer Name


Born: April 06, 1952

Country: Baerum, Norway

Studies: Baerum Municipal Music School, Norwegian State Academy of Music (1977), Institute of Sonology

Teachers: Finn Mortensen, Per Erik Thorsen, Einar Nielsen

Works for Percussion

Abstrakte LinjerSolo Percussion; Vibraphone
AquaPercussion Duet; Percussion Duo; Tape
Because of G.H. (P.G.A.G.H.) – Solo Percussion; Vibraphone
Blues Extract – Solo Percussion; Vibraphone
Concerto for Vibraphone and Strings – Solo Percussion; Vibraphone; Orchestra
Den 11 December 1984 – Solo Percussion; Multiple Percussion; Tape
Ensemble Piece for Snare Drum IIPercussion Octet
Harstad – Solo Percussion; Multiple Percussion; Band
Ingoma (Variations on a Drum Solo from Burundi, Africa)Percussion Quintet
Ingoma Intro – Percussion Quintet
Intention – Solo Percussion; Marimba; Synthesizer
Invention No. 3 for Piccolo and Percussion – Solo Percussion; Multiple Percussion; Flute; Piccolo
Invention No. 4 – Percussion Duet; Percussion Duo; Electronics
Invention No. 5 – Solo Percussion; Multiple Percussion; Electronics
On the Way (Underveis) – Solo Percussion; Vibraphone
Quartet for Four Equal Percussion InstrumentsPercussion Quartet
Self-portrait – Solo Percussion; Multiple Percussion; Tape
Slåller Og Ild – Solo Percussion; Multiple Percussion
Solo Piece for Snare Drum – Solo Percussion; Snare Drum
Ten Quartets for Percussion, 1-6 – Percussion Quartet
Ten Quartets for Percussion, 7-10 – Percussion Quartet
The Blues in C – Solo Percussion; Vibraphone
Tokke Kraftverk February 22, 1987 – Solo Percussion; Multiple Percussion; Tape; Piccolo
Underveis. – Solo Percussion; Vibraphone
Variasjoner over Parang ChantPercussion Sextet