Schinstine, William

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Composer Name


Born: December 16, 1922

Died: January 03, 1986

Country: Easton, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Studies: Eastman School of Music (B.M.1945), University of Pennsylvania (M.M.1952)


Works for Percussion

A Blast of ClassPercussion Sextet
A Cymbal TunePercussion Quartet
A Little Late for the DownfallPercussion Duo
A Mild Rhubarb – Percussion Duo
A Switch in Time – Percussion Duo
Academic EpisodeSolo Percussion; Timpani
Accent on Rhythm – Percussion Quartet
Accent the Negative – Percussion Duo
Acoustic Suite – Percussion Sextet
Adventures in Solo DrummingSnare Drum
After Hours Sessions – Percussion Duo
And they came to playPercussion (10)
Beating the Blues – Snare Drum
Blue Plate Special – Snare Drum
Busy Bee-Bop – Percussion Duo
Cake Walk for Kettles – Timpani
Castor & Pollux – Percussion Duo
CentralizationPercussion Quintet
Charlie's Horse – Snare Drum
Control Contortions – Snare Drum
Cosmos Copter – Snare Drum
Cream and Sugar – Snare Drum
Cut and Dry, but Rough – Snare Drum
Cut Rate March – Snare Drum
Cymbalistic – Percussion Duo
Dapper Dan – Snare Drum
Deep Night – Snare Drum
Diddle-Daddle-Q – Snare Drum
Dipsy Diddle – Snare Drum
Directional MusicPercussion (12+)
Doodlers Delight – Snare Drum
Double Deal – Percussion Duo
Double Diddle – Snare Drum
Drag that Man Away – Snare Drum
Dresden Dance – Timpani
Drumming Together (30 snare drum duets) – Percussion Duo
Dubious Debate – Percussion Duo
Dubious Debate – Timpani
Duo Mambo – Percussion Duo
Eastman Etude – Snare Drum
Etude for Latin InstrumentsMultiple Percussion
Etude for Membranophones – Multiple Percussion
Etude for Metal Idiophones – Multiple Percussion
Etude for Wooden Idiophones – Multiple Percussion
Etude in Vibrations – Multiple Percussion
Evocation No. 1 – Snare Drum
Evocation No. 2 – Snare Drum
Expansion – Snare Drum
Exploring the Unknown – Snare Drum
Father and Son – Snare Drum
Fennell's Flourishes – Snare Drum
Festival Drummer – Snare Drum
Five Foot Eight – Percussion Duo
Flamingo – Snare Drum
Flim Flam (Schinstine) – Snare Drum
Forensic Fantasy – Snare Drum
Four hands around: Canons for two percussion – Percussion Duo
Four Hands around: Canons for two percussion – Percussion Duo
Frantic Antic – Percussion Duo
Futuristic Drum Solos – Snare Drum
Hectic Hickorys – Snare Drum
Hey Poncho – Percussion Duo
Hit and Run – Percussion Duo
Hot Seat – Percussion Quartet
In the 25th Century – Snare Drum
Innovation in 2/4 – Snare Drum
Insomnia – Percussion Duo
Kaf Skin Kapers – Percussion Duo
Kettle Kaper – Timpani
Keystone Kids – Percussion Sextet
Like, Cool – Snare Drum
Little Champ First Year Drum Solos – Snare Drum
Lloyd's Little Diddler – Snare Drum
Masquerade for MarimbaPiano; Marimba
Masquerade for Marimba – Percussion Duo; Double Bass
Master Mind – Snare Drum
Metallic Mystique – Percussion Sextet
Minuet for Moderns – Snare Drum
Multiple Drum Cadences, Set 1 & 2 – Percussion Duo
Musical Marimba Solos – Marimba
Mutation – Snare Drum
Nightshift – Percussion Duo
On the Q-T – Percussion Duo
On the Warpath – Snare Drum
One Way Street – Snare Drum
OverlapPercussion Trio
Owen's Own – Snare Drum
Paradiddle Paradise – Snare Drum
Pascucci Punch – Snare Drum
Pauken Parade – Timpani
Percussion and Repercussion – Snare Drum
Phil's Fill – Snare Drum
Pieces of EightPercussion Octet
Pratt's Taps – Snare Drum
Progressive Elaboration – Percussion Duo
P's and Cues – Snare Drum
Quadrum – Percussion Trio
Quartet for Percussion (Schinstine) – Percussion Quartet
Quintance – Snare Drum
Rada-Ma-Bop – Snare Drum
Rat Race – Percussion Quartet
Ra-Ta-Ta-Tat – Snare Drum
Recital Suite for Snare Drum – Snare Drum
Rhythm Busters – Percussion Quartet
Rhythm Rampage – Snare Drum
Rig-A-Ma-Roll – Snare Drum
Robertson's Radamacue – Snare Drum
Rocket Rangers – Snare Drum
Rockreation – Percussion Quartet
Roll Call – Snare Drum
Roll Your Troubles Away – Percussion Duo
Roto-tom Solos for the Melodic Drummer – Multiple Percussion
Rudimental Rondo – Snare Drum
Salute to a Nurse – Snare Drum
Saturday Nightmare – Percussion Duo
Scary Scherzo – Timpani
Scherzo for a Skinflint – Multiple Percussion
Scherzo for PercussionPercussion Septet
Seventeen Plus One Percussion Pieces for Contests and Tryouts – Snare Drum
Ship a Hoey – Snare Drum
Simple Swingin' – Snare Drum
Singleton – Snare Drum
Slammin' Sam – Snare Drum
Slightly Latin – Timpani
Soliloquy – Snare Drum
Sonata Fantastic – Snare Drum
Sonata No. 1 – Piano; Timpani
Sonata No. 2 – Timpani
Sonata No. 3 – Timpani
Sonata No. 4 (Ensemble)Percussion Ensemble, Electric Bass
Sonata No. 4 (Solo)Timpani, Electric Bass
Sonatas 5 & 6 – Piano; Timpani
Southern Special Drum Solos – Snare Drum
Southern Special Marimba Solos – Marimba
Space Probe – Snare Drum
Spot 'A Tea – Snare Drum
Stand Off – Percussion Duo
Stick Waltz – Snare Drum
Stick With It – Snare Drum
Suspense and the Walking Man – Percussion Trio
Swan's Song – Snare Drum
Sweet Tooth, A Little Suite for Snare Drum – Snare Drum
Swing Bolero – Percussion Quartet
Swinging Drum Cadences – Snare Drum
Synco-Stix – Snare Drum
Tall Tale for Tympani – Timpani
The All State Drummer – Snare Drum
The Artiste Sonata – Timpani
The Big Beat – Snare Drum
The Boss (Schinstine) – Snare Drum
The Contrary Computer – Snare Drum
The Copper Bowls – Timpani
The Developing Solo Timpanist – Timpani
The Gentle Metal Monster – Percussion Quintet
The Grand Canyon – Percussion (12+); Snare Drum
The Montrose Miracle – Snare Drum
The New York Texan – Snare Drum
The Other Street – Snare Drum
The Power of Positive Practice – Percussion Duo
The Progressive Timpanist – Timpani
The Ridley Riddle – Snare Drum
The Three Headed Drummer – Multiple Percussion
The Tipsy Timpanist – Multiple Percussion
The Tympercussionist – Multiple Percussion
The Young Lions – Percussion Sextet
Three Festival Solos – Snare Drum
Three Means to an End – Snare Drum
Three Ply – Snare Drum
Three/Four for Three – Percussion Trio
Three-Headed Drummer – Snare Drum
Three's a Crowd – Percussion Trio
Through Traffic – Percussion Duo
Time for a Change – Snare Drum
Timpani Audition Solos – Timpani
Timpat – Timpani
Tom Thumb Tub Thumpers - Percussion Duo
Tooget – Percussion Duo
Topical Tymps – Timpani
Triple Threat (Schinstine) – Snare Drum
Tristickery – Percussion Trio
Turnabout is Fair Play – Snare Drum
Turnaround – Percussion Quartet
Two for Tea – Percussion Duo
Two for the Money – Percussion Duo
Two Timer – Percussion Duo
Two Ton Tillie – Percussion Duo
Twosome – Percussion Duo
Tymp Tunes – Timpani
Tympani Bossa Nova – Timpani
Tympendium – Piano; Timpani
Tympolero – Piano; Timpani
Variety – Snare Drum
Viva Percussion – Percussion Quintet
Wallflower Waltz – Percussion Duo
Weeping Willow Waltz – Percussion Duo
What a Drag – Snare Drum
Wonder Boy – Snare Drum
Woodland Drive – Percussion Sextet
Wrap It Up – Snare Drum