Second Percussion Symphony

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Charles Wuorinen

General Info

Year: 2009
Duration: 00: 24:00
Difficulty: Advanced (see Ratings for explanation)
Dedication: Louisa Sarofim


For 14 performers, as follows:
Mallets: Crotales (C6 to G7) & Chimes (C4 to F5) & Almglocken (F3 to B4) & Xylophone & Marimba (5 octave) & 2 Vibraphones
Drums: Bongos & 4 Tom-toms & Concert Bass Drum & Timpani
Cymbals: Nipple Gongs (B2 to B4) & 3 Cymbals & 3 Tamtams
Auxiliary Percussion: 3 Triangles
Others: 2 Pianos


The instrumental ensemble, as with all my percussion works, is heavily pitch-centered, as is required by the fundamentally motivic nature of the writing.




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