Smith, J.B.

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Born: December 09, 1957

Country: Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.

Studies: Baylor University (B.M.E.1980), University of Illinois (M.M.1982), University of North Texas (D.M.A.1992)

Teachers: Sever Tipei, Scott Wyatt, Phil Winsor

Works for Percussion

...All things hastened back to UnityPercussion (13)
Boundary WatersSolo Percussion; Marimba
Choice – Solo Percussion; Marimba
Concertante DiversionPercussion Sextet; Tape
Conga MixPercussion Trio; Conga
Conga Mix – Solo Percussion; Multiple Percussion; Conga; Tape
Conga Stück – Percussion Quartet
Conga StückPercussion Duo; Conga
Dulcimer Dream – Percussion Duo; Marimba; Vibraphone
First Reflection – Solo Percussion; Marimba
Five Concert Etudes – Solo Percussion; Marimba
In Light of Three – Solo Percussion; Tape; Clarinet; Mallet
It's Destiny...Gasp!Percussion Octet; Voice
Mountain ImagesPercussion Quintet
Prelude to Elaboration – Percussion Trio
Ringing Webs of Metal Threads – Percussion Duo; Vibraphone
Seconds Lost – Percussion Duo; Marimba
Skin Tensor – Percussion Trio; Tom-tom
Slap shift – Percussion Sextet; Conga
Socca Phase – Percussion Duo
Trio Passacaglia, vers. 2 – Percussion Trio; Vibraphone; Marimba