Sommen, Rob van der

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Rob van der Sommen


Born: November 27, 1969

Country: Helmond, Netherlands




Rob van der Sommen (27-11-69, Helmond) started after the summer of 2015 as percussion instructor of the Lieshoutse and Mariahoutse percussion group. He succeeds Peter Bergmans, who stood for the orchestra for 17 years.

Van der Sommen came into contact with percussion at the Koninklijke Stadsharmonie Phileutonia in Helmond. Now he is an instructor, arranger and composer. Rob has a clear vision of what he wants to achieve with the St Caecilia percussion group in the future. He wants to captivate the audience with more variation in the program with the right balance between tuned and untuned repertoire.

In addition, small ensembles will be formed in the future from the members who will perform specially composed pieces for a small setting during performances. This will certainly lead to a full evening, varied and varied theater program[1]

Works for Percussion

Kodo - Percussion Quintet
La Malagueña - Percussion Ensemble (21)
Metropercossa - Percussion Ensemble (20), Electric Guitar, Piano, Electric Bass
Played A Live (Bongo Song) - Percussion Ensemble (13)
Quadro-Adventure - Percussion Ensemble (13)
Route du Soleil - Percussion Ensemble (13)
Samb-Adagio - Percussion Ensemble (13)
Samba Reggea - Percussion Septet
Saturday Night and Sunday Morn - Percussion Ensemble (10)
Soul Bossa Nova (Sommen) - Percussion Ensemble (14)
South America Take it Away - Percussion Ensemble (16)
Stand by Me - Percussion Ensemble (13)
Stick-kick - Percussion Octet
Un Misterio - Percussion Ensemble (11)