The Blue Book (Volume 3)

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General Info

Subtitle: A Test Guide for the Modern Percussionist
Composers: David Ratliff, James Campbell, Rob Parks, University of Kentucky Alumni
Level: Elementary to Advanced
Pages: 162
Release Date: 2021
Price: $29.00


Mallet Percussion
Snare Drum


In yet another extraordinary collection, James Campbell and his cohorts from the University of Kentucky present The Blue Book - Volume 3! Over forty composers (including Mr. Campbell himself) have contributed a total of 47 individual solos to this compilation which are ideal for contests, auditions, technique development, recitals, juries, or just for your musical enjoyment.

Solos cover a wide range in skill levels, from Med-Easy through Advanced, and clock in at over 2 hours of total material! Also, and for the first time ever, The Blue Book series includes solos for mallet keyboard and timpani.

The Blue Book (Volume 3), as does both of its predecessors (The Blue Book and The Blue Book - Volume 2), represents several generations of students and alumni who have passed through the venerable percussion studies program at the University of Kentucky. All have gone on to enjoy successful careers as teachers, performers, and composers and represent their alma mater dutifully in this diverse collection of percussion solos!



1. Sharp Shuffle | Josh Dekaney
2. It All Goes in the Same Pot | Paul Deatherage
3. Splitrips | Glenn Kotche
4. Dive Culvert | Josh Dekaney
5. Harlem Street Beat | Jason Tiemann
6. Blue Samba | Rande Sanderbeck
7. Rolex | Nick Bolchoz
8. New Room | Marcus Reddick
9. Strollin’ Down Euclid | Scott Kretzer


1. Cloud Dance | Joshua D. Smith
2. Gottland Stroll | James B. Campbell
3. Blue Afro Groove | Frank Kumor
4. My Old Kentucky Home | Ralph Hicks
5. Blue Vibes | Tyler Swick
6. Mason’s Boat Ride | Brian Nozny
7. Swirling Hills | Mark Hunter
8. Lock 21 | Josh Dekaney
9. There’s a lot of Sap in There | James R. Corcoran, Jr.
10. Blue Sly | Chad Floyd
11. Falling Up the Stairs | Christopher Butler
12. All In | Matthew Geiger
13. Lukas’ Lexicon | Francisco Perez
14. Ethan’s Road | Ming-Hui Kuo


1. Appian Way Crossing | Rob Parks
2. The Amsden | Kelsey Collins
3. Rolling Down Rose | Rob Parks
4. Kirwan Tower | David Ratliff
5. 3 Little Birds | Andy Salmon
6. Baron of the Bluegrass | Gary Rudolph
7. Koffee and Krullers | Kip Crowder
8. Switch | Emily Durocher
9. My Old Kentucky Home | Aaron Graham
10. Three from the King | Kyle Forsthoff
11. Prattamacues | Jason Tiemann
12. Waltz of the Blue Widow Spider | Ben Stiers
13. Fanfare for Singletary | Jeremy Maytum
14. Imbalance | Colin Hill
15. The Test | Jonathan Sharp
16. Something Old, Something New | Jamie Vilseck


1. Blue Steel | Rob Parks
2. Do I Need to Get a Newbie to Play That for You?!? | Eric Willie
3. Aspen | James B. Campbell
4. And They’re Off | John Willmarth
5. Hot Tubs | Brian S. Mason
6. Constrained. | Brad Meyer
7. Petrichor | Kenyon Williams
8. Five Words... | Brady Harrison

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