The Flexible Ensemble

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David Ratliff & Eric Sokolowski

General Info

Year of Published: 2022
Publisher: Tapspace Publications
Difficulty: Elementary
Cost: $75.00

Song list

1. No Accident | 4-18+ players | 1'45"
2. Gymnopédie no. 1 (Satie) | 2-15+ players | 2'10"
3. Parvulum | 4-17+ players | 1'40"
4. Water Plant Road | 4-16+ players | 1'50"
5. Rainbow Bridge | 5-16+ players | 2'20"
6. 6th Street Stomp | 4-14+ players | 1'30"
7. Attack of the Beebots | 4-8+ players | 1'35"
8. Old Town | 3-9+ players | 1'20"
9. Flats | 3+ players | 1'35"
10. Paper or Plastic? | 4+ players | 2'10"


The Flexible Ensemble is a truly unique collection of 10 entry-level percussion ensembles written by David Ratliff and Eric Sokolowski. These ensembles are written for flexible instrumentation and personnel, where 3-5 main “voices” are scored for common instruments found in most band rooms. As long as at least one player covers each voice, the piece is able to be performed. Additional players may cover other suggested instruments within those voices, or they can fill in any of the optional melodic or rhythmic parts provided for added color!

Each piece is geared towards middle school or early high school players in difficulty, and would also be appropriate for college methods courses. The flexible, commonly-available instrumentation allows for a high degree of customization, and the director is trusted to make whichever choices fit their ensemble best. This collection is an invaluable resource for band or percussion directors working with any number of beginner-intermediate students, and is a must-have for any music library!