20 Short Solos for Drum Kit

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Keith Bartlett

General Info

Year: 1997
Publisher: United Music Publishing
Series: Play Percussion
Level: Elementary to Intermediate
ISMN: 979-0-2244-0008-3
Costs: £11.99


The 20 solos in this book range from elementary to intermediate level and are in Rock, Jazz and Latin styles. Although ideal for teaching purposes, they are designed ultimately to be performed, enabling and encouraging the student to show off the drum kit as a solo instrument in its own right, rather than in its traditional accompanying role. Above all they are meant to be fun, providing the young drummer with a valuable source of material suitable for both classroom and concert hall.

Song List

1. Wigwam Workout!
2. Stick with the Click
3. Tumbling Toms March
4. Paradiddle Pop
5. Eine Kleine "Rockmusik"
6. Waltzing Wellies
7. Come one You Blues
8. Latin Quarters
9. Full o' Fills
10. Simply Circus
11. Swing Thing
12. The Cheeky Chop Charleston
13. James the Jazzer!
14. Well Wicked Waltz
15. Radetzky Rock
16. The Ho-Ho-Hoe-Down
17. Shuffle Kerfuffle!
18. Funky Flams
19. Bring Out the Bossa
20. Demi-semi Disco

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