50 More Short Pieces for Tuned Percussion

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Keith Bartlett

General Info

Year: 1999
Level: Intermediate / Advanced
Publisher: United Music Publishing
Series: Play Percussion
Cost: £12.99
Pages: 61
ISMN: 979-0-2244-0073-1


Section 1: Semi-Quaver Patterns in Simple Time
Section 2: Semi-Quaver Patterns in Compound Time
Section 3: Crotchet, Quaver & Semi-Quaver Triplets
Section 4: Grace notes
Section 5 Double Stopping (Introducing the Tie)
Section 6: More Rolls
Section 7: Demi-Semi-Quaver
Section 8: Unusual Key Signatures
Section 9: Unusual Time Signatures
Section 10: Solos

Solo Works in this book

1. Semi-tone Samba
2. Whistle-stop Waltz
3. Lullaby
4. Rodeo Rascal!
5. Halloween Hornpipe
6. Chromatically Speaking
7. Viva Mexico!
8. Polly's Variations
9. Cossack Capers!
10. Pulling out the Stops



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