50 Short Pieces for Tuned Percussion

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Keith Bartlett

General Info

Year: 1997
Level: Elementary / Intermediate
Publisher: United Music Publishing
Series: Play Percussion
Cost: £12.99
Pages: 49
ISMN: 979-0-2244-0006-9


Section 1: Crotchets in Simple Time (Introducing Forte & Piano)
Section 2: Quavers in Simple Time (Introducing Mezzo Forte & Mezzo Piano)
Section 3: Semi-quaver in Simple Time (Introducing Fortissimo, Pianissimo & Dotted Quaver)
Section 4: Compound Time & the Dotted Crotchet (Introducing the Accent)
Section 5: Semi-Quavers in Compound Time (Introducing Crescendo & Diminuendo)
Section 6: Roll in Simple Time
Section 7: Roll in Compound Time
Section 8: Flams & Drags
Section 9: Solos

Solo Works in this book

1. Dreamy
2. Minuet
3. Fanfare for Stephanie
4. Rudolph's Rag
5. Clowning Around!
6. Tango
7. Mr. B.
8. Boogalie-Woogalie
9. Yodel-odel-ee!
10. Rondo a la Rumba



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