Eine Kleine Soca Musik

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Chris Carmean

General Info

Year: 2017
Duration: c. 4:36
Difficulty: Intermediate
Publisher: C. Alan
Cost: Score and Parts - $36.00   |   Score Only - $0.00



Player 1: Glockenspiel
Player 2: Xylophone
Player 3: Vibraphone
Player 4: Marimba
Player 5: Marimba
Player 6: Shaker & Tambourine
Player 7: Brake Drum & Triangle
Player 8: Cowbell & 2 Woodblocks
Player 9: Congas & Mark Tree
Player 10: Drumset
Player 11: Hi-Hat & Cymbals
Player 12: Snare Drum & 2 Tom-toms
Player 13: Bass Drum

Program Notes

Eine Kleine Soca Musik ("A Little Soca Music") is a Trinidad twist on Mozart's classic Eine Kleine Nachtmusik ("A Little Night Music"). Using instruments commonly found in most school band rooms, Eine Kleine Soca Musik provides an opportunity for students to learn about soca (soul+calypso), a traditional style of music emanating from Trinidad and Tobago. Flexible instrumentation and optional parts allow performance by different numbers of players to suit your needs. The piece also presents an opportunity for students to work on concert percussion playing, including triangle, tambourine, woodblock, and mark tree, and also to learn about Mozart, the Classical period, string quartets, and even form and modulation in musical composition. With an apparent inability to decide whether to be a soca or classical percussion ensemble, Eine Kleine Soca Musik is sure to entertain your audience, make them get up and dance, and then be embarrassed when the music suddenly changes!




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