What Goes Around Comes Around

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Chris Carmean

General Info

Year: 2017
Duration: c. 4:00
Difficulty: Medium
Publisher: C. Alan
Cost: Score and Parts - $32.00   |   Score Only - $0.00



Player 1 - 4: Marimba (4.3-octave) 2 Congas Bongos 12” Splash Cymbal 12” China Cymbal High Jam Block Large Cowbell

Program Notes

“What goes around comes around” is a saying that expresses the laws of cause and effect. The idea is that one’s actions have a direct relationship on future experiences, opportunities, successes, and failures; that there are no accidents or coincidences, and everything happens as a result of previous actions. In the musical piece What Goes Around Comes Around, the players move around the marimba, eventually making one full revolution back to their starting place. The piece is in rondo form with an aggressive and groove-based A section, including variations that explore the colors of the instrument using dead strokes and playing with the handles of the mallets The B and C sections contrast with lighter, softer, and smoother lines and compound meters. The bass line of the A and B sections is built around the circle of 4th and 5ths, respectively. The movement around the instrument results in each player performing different material in each section until they arrive back at their original starting place.




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