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Chris Carmena

General Info

Year: 2022
Duration: c. 5:00
Difficulty: Intermediate
Publisher: C. Alan Publications
Cost: Score and Parts - $40.00   |   Score Only - $0.00



Player 1: Glockenspiel & Tom Tom (High)
Player 2: Vibraphone 1 & Tom Tom (High)
Player 3: Vibraphone 2 & Suspended Cymbal & Tom Tom (Medium High)
Player 4: Marimba 1 & Suspended Cymbal & Tom Tom (Medium High)
Player 5: Marimba 2 & Tom Tom (Medium Low)
Player 6: Timpani
Player 7: Drum Set
Player 8: Crotales & Cabasa & Jam Block & Tom Tom (Medium Low)
Player 9: Mark Tree & Temple Blocks & Brake Drum & Cowbell & Suspended Cymbal & Tam-Tam & Tom Tom (Low)
Player 10: Tambourine (Mounted) & Triangle (Mounted) & Vibraslap & Tambourine (Rock) & Suspended Cymbal & Tom Tom (Low)
Player 11: Bass Guitar

Program Notes

TBD is a rock piece for percussion ensemble that suffers from an indeterminate title. It began in 2018 as a work for large percussion ensemble, but with a much different vision. I began with a concept and developed the bones of the piece, but lacked a clear path forward to realize the concept successfully. With no solution and time running short, I redirected my attention to more pressing projects, and this one was shelved to be completed later. Fast forward to the fall of 2020 . . . I programmed a piece for our percussion ensemble that wasn't well received by the students. I hoped they would come around, but it just wasn't working. I searched for a replacement piece to fit that particular group of students in the time we had available, but came up empty handed. I remembered this piece waiting to be finished, so I hurriedly set about completing it. I left behind the original concept in order to move forward, but that meant there was no title. Meanwhile, I didn't know what we would play, so I listed “TBD” on the rehearsal schedule since the replacement piece was "to be determined." When I handed out parts for the first read, I titled it “TBD”" since that's what was on the rehearsal schedule! "TBD" features parts with a wide range of difficulty, including both 2- and 4-mallet parts. If you have 10 players available for a piece, "TBD" allows the flexibility to find the right part for each player. "TBD" can be conducted, but playing without a conductor is preferred and more fitting for the style. What rock band has a conductor?!? "TBD" was premiered on March 6, 2021 by the Pickerington High School North Percussion Ensemble during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. We had a limited audience, but, like many concerts performed during this time, we offered a simultaneous livestream. Audience participation was created by asking for alternate meanings of ”TBD” besides "to be determined." Using an online form accesible via the electronic program, audience members, whether in person or viewing at home, could vote on alternate meanings for “TBD,” also submitting their own suggestions. Prior to performing the piece, we announced the winning title for our performance, also reading some honorable mentions that were both entertaining and humorous. Draw on your own creativity and that of your audience to decide for yourself what "TBD" means for your performance. Rock on!




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