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Dave Hollinden

General Info

Year: 2004
Duration: c. 8:00
Difficulty: (see Ratings for explanation)
Publisher: Dave Hollinden Music
Cost: Score and Parts - $80.00   |   Score Only - $0.00



Player I: Med. Tom Tom, Chinese Tom Tom, Wood Block, Practice Pad, 5 Graduated Woodblocks, Metal Guiro, Rainstick, Triangle, Chinese Cymbals, Opera Gong
Player II: 2 Log Drums, Chinese Tom Toms, Practice Pad, 5 Temple Blocks, Shaker, Antique Cymbal, Triangle, Chinese Cymbals, Opera Gong
Player III: Low Tom Tom, Timbales, Cowbell/Almglocken, Piccolo Snare Drum, 5 Graduated Cowbells, Wood Guiro, Stones, Antiques Cymbals, Ride Cymbals, Wind Gong
Player IV: Marching Bass Drum, Tenor Drum, Tambourine without head, Field Drum, 5 Graduated Brake Drums, Afuche, Slapstick, Hi-hat, Crash Cymbals, Sizzle Cymbal
Player V: Concert Bass Drum, Concert Tom, Bell Plates, Snare Drum, 5 Graduated Bell Plates, Vibraslap, Flexatone, Hi-hat, Ride Cymbals, Tam tam
Player VI: Floor Tom, 3 Congas, Snare Toy, 4 Graduated Bongos, Cricket Caller, Rachet, Glass Jar, Trash Cymbals, Wind Gong
Player VII: Marching Bass Drum, Low Tom, Tambourines with heads, Marching Snare Drum, 4 Graduated Marching Toms, Sandpaper, Rachet, Ceramic Plate, Trash Cymbals, Tam tam
Player VIII: Gong Drum, Graduated Tom Toms or Roto Toms (Low and High Set), Snare, Shaker, Slapstick, Gong, Crash Cymbals, Sizzle Cymbal

Program Notes

When I considered naming this piece Reckless, defined as a disregard for consequences or unthinking boldness, it seemed appropriate for two reasons. First, the score states that the performance should always be pushing forward, that the piece will suffer if the tempo is too slow, and that "While accuracy is necessary, there should be no feeling that the piece is being performed carefully." So I hoped the name Reckless would give even more encouragement to the performers to push themselves and bring an edge to the performance.

Second, when I started planning the music I had two very different ideas in mind, and was having trouble deciding which one to use. I was attracted to something I'd read about a remix artist that claims he mixes different pieces of music together without listening to them. So I decided to take my two ideas and mix them together, inserting other ideas more or less at random, sometimes fitting them into the score visually as opposed to working them in compositionally, or in effect, without really "listening" to them. So in addition to my desire that there be a bit of recklessness in the performance of the piece, there was a bit of recklessness in the composition of the music as well.[1]

commissioned by Phillip J. Mikula and the Victoria Memorial H.S. Percussion Ensemble



Commercial Discography

Recent Performances

premiered by the Victoria Memorial H.S. Percussion Ensemble at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention in Nashville, TN on November 13, 2004[2] To submit a performance please join the TEK Percussion Database

Works for Percussion by this Composer

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Immersion - Percussion Quartet; Saxophone Quartet
In Time to Come - Marimba; Alto Saxophone
Lead - Multiple Percussion; Piano
Of Wind and Water - Marimba
Percussion Quartet No. 2 (Hollinden) - Percussion Quartet
Platinum - Multiple Percussion; Piano
Reckless - Percussion Octet
Release (Hollinden) - Percussion Octet
Six Ideas for Snare, Bass, and Cymbal - Multiple Percussion
Slender Beams of Solid Rhythm - Multiple Percussion
Surface Tension - Percussion Duo
The Whole Toy Laid Down - Percussion Quartet
what clarity? (with perc. ens. version) - Multiple Percussion; Percussion Ensemble (12)
what clarity? (with strings version) - Multiple Percussion; Orchestra

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