Truth or Consequence

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Jim Casella

General Info

Release Date: 2017
Level: Med-Advanced
Duration: 00:05:00
Price: $50.00


Player 1: Marimba
Player 2: Marimba
Player 3: Marimba
Player 4: Marimba
Player 5: Vibraphone
Player 6: Vibraphone
Player 7: Glockenspiel
Player 8: Xylophone
Player 9: Chimes & Crotales
Player 10: Timpani
Player 11: Snare Drum & Ratchet
Player 12: 4 Concert Tom-tom & Guiro
Player 13: Hi Hat & Sizzle Cymbal & Crash Cymbal & Ride Cymbal & China Cymbal & Splash Cymbal
Player 14: Cowbell & Claves & Sleigh Bells & thunder sheet & ribbon crasher & propane tank
Player 15: Bongos & Temple Block & Mark Tree & Ocean Drum
Player 16: Field Drum & Triangle & Tambourine & Shaker
Player 17: Vibraslap & Vibra-tone & Crash Cymbals & Tam-tam & Slapstick
Player 18: Bass Drum
Player 19: Piano


Jim Casella’s work Truth or Consequence was written during the convergence of 2016 and 2017. Casella states, “As I write this, it is a time where facts are selective and manipulated in ways to calibrate media coverage for political gain. As a result, the concept of truth has been endangered to the point where personal opinion can be passed off as fact however false it may be. This frightens me, and I fear the consequences the world will face as a result.” The work is an abstract expression of darkness, tension, surprise, power, and anger. Full of action, colorful vocal effects, and recurring syncopation it has a cinematic quality that doesn’t relent and is sure to engage intermediate percussion students as well as audiences.

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