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Jim Casella

General Info

Year: 2003
Duration: c. 5:20
Difficulty: (see Ratings for explanation)
Publisher: Tapspace
Cost: Score and Parts - $48.00   |   Score Only - $0.00


Player 1: Glockenspiel & Xylophone & 2 Cowbells & Log Drum (shared)
Player 2: Vibraphone & Brake Drum & Suspended Cymbal & China Cymbal & Log Drum (shared)
Player 3: Marimba & Woodblock & Suspended Cymbal & China Cymbal
Player 4: Marimba & Woodblock & Suspended Cymbal
Player 5: Timpani
Player 6: Chimes & Triangle & Concert Bass Drum
Player 7: Concert Snare Drum & Hi Hat & Brake Drum & Triangle & Woodblock
Player 8: Drum set
Player 9: Bongos & Conga & Suspended Cymbal & Tambourine & Woodblock & 2 Cowbells

Program Notes

Written for nine players, Katraterra is a concert piece which uses a variety of textures, instruments, and techniques to create a driving and intense feel. The 5/8 time signature dominates the groove of Katraterra with three emphasized beats of 1, 3, and the upbeat of 4, creating the motive which drives the 16-note based ostinato and all surrounding melodies. This weaves in and out of other time signatures, but is intended to happen smoothly without obvious perception to when these changes occur. This, along with the inherent syncopations throughout, creates a challenging ensemble atmosphere. With driving solo statements, complex interwoven rhythms, and an organic ostinato to drive it, this piece is sure to offer an intense and entertaining musical experience.[1]



Commercial Discography

Recent Performances

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Meanwhile in a Parallel Universe - Marimba, Percussion Nonet
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Stormbreak - Percussion Ensemble, Wind Ensemble (optional)
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