Windows of the Maloca

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Jim Casella

General Info

Year of Published: 2017
Publisher: Tapspace
Level: Advanced
Duration: 00:05:30
Cost: $55.00


Player 1: Glockenspiel
Player 2: Xylophone & Zil-Bel
Player 3: Vibraphone
Player 4: Vibraphone & 4 Cowbell & Shekere
Player 5: Marimba
Player 6: Marimba
Player 7: Marimba
Player 8: Marimba
Player 9: Chimes & Crotales & Gurio
Player 10: Timpani & Energy Chime
Player 11: Snare Drum & Kick Drum & Suspended Cymbal & Hi-hat & Sizzle Cymbal
Player 12: Snare Drum& Bongos & Ride Cymbal & 2 Woodblocks
Player 13: China Cymbal & Splash Cymbal & Tambourine & Temple Blocks & Triangle & Ribbon Crasher
Player 14: 4 Concert Tom-tom & Djembe & Small Shaker & Mark Tree


After returning home from the Amazon jungle of Peru, Jim Casella wrote Windows of the Maloca as a testament to the spirit of connectedness he experienced and, as he wrote, how "individual components of an ecosystem exist together as a community. No matter how small the organism, it affects some other part of the whole, even if not immediately apparent." This advanced ensemble piece for 14 players features a repeating metric framework of 7/8+7/8+7/8+6/8, which remains consistent through the piece. Casella brilliantly weaves in different textures and rhythmic motives without disrupting the flow and groove of this intricate metric framework.

Windows of the Maloca was commissioned by Brandon Kunka, director of the Roswell High School percussion ensemble of Roswell, Georgia. It was premiered at the Georgia Music Educators Association (GMEA) conference in Athens, Georgia, in January 2017.

Recent Performance

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