Advanced Snare Drum Studies

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Mitchell Peters

General Info

Year: 1971
Edition: c.
Publisher: Mitchell Peters
Cost: Book Cost - $14.50   |   Supplemental Books - $0.00



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Student Reviews

Organization: There is very little present in terms of a table of contents, or chapter headings. The closest aspect of organization are the etude numbers and the page numbers. The layout and formatting of this book is very bare bones, with no introduction, and no excerpts or details for any etudes. There is a list of recommended marimba solos on the back cover of the book, but that is the closest thing to a description for anything in this book.

Content: There is a good assortment of time signatures, tempos, dynamic ranges, and roll exercises. It is hard to say which etudes are crafted for which rudiment or sets of rudiments due to the lack of descriptions, so the player will have to study which rudiments are present in each etude to determine which one to use. There are ones which use triplets and untied rolls along with flams and ruffs, despite there being no instruction or advice for executing them.

Uses: These studies can be used to develop rudimental skills, but without any clarification from the author, it is hard to tell if any of these etudes would be useful for being orchestral snare drumming skills. In a teaching setting, this book would be best used in conjunction with an instructor’s guiding hand. It could be used in a lesson or for building skills at home between lessons, but as it is titled “advanced”, it may be best used by experienced players for maintenance as a way to keep their chops up. For pedagogy, a high-school level player may be the required to be able to play through these studies and to be develop their own skills. A college student may also be able to find uses with this book, with a solid foundation for their rudiments.

Rating: Aside from the lack of descriptions or guides, this etude book could still be used to provide an experienced percussionist with material to play, either to build their skills or to keep them fresh. Still, a little could have went a long way in terms of the content in this book, as there is hardly anything other than the notes themselves. 2/5. User: Hondogracias


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