Intermediate Snare Drum Studies

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Mitchell Peters

General Info

Year: 1976
Edition: 1st Edition
Publisher: Mitchell Peters
Cost: Book Cost - $14.49   |   Supplemental Books - $0.00



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Student Reviews

“Intermediate Snare Drum Studies” is a composition of studies for snare drum playing and not much else. There is a brief description that mentions how the book is divided into two different sections, with the first section focusing on specific rudiments for each study, and the second section has 32 etudes with varied meter, tempo and dynamics. The attitude towards the whole book comes across as very free, as the sticking, tempo, and dynamics can be adjusted to the performer. Without the guidance of an instructor, this book would simply be a collection of etudes of which the student would have to figure out all by themselves.

It seems more detail and thought could have been put into this book. Three of the studies in the first section are just variations on the Three Camps solo, along with the solo itself. Other etudes are more challenging but lack details which give the player insight to how to properly develop their snare skills. It is easy for beginning or seemingly-intermediate players to play an etude with half-developed fundamentals and continue to play higher level pieces without taking the care and consideration to execute each rudiment properly and in context with the piece.

This book must be used in conjunction with an instructor and the student in order to get the full use out of the etudes. Along with strokes, rolls, accents, and flams, self-determination on tempo and dynamics could assist the student with working their way up through these pieces. A middle or high school student with an understanding of fundamentals on the snare drum would be well-prepared to approach this book but would require guidance to progress through it. Especially with the later etudes, some questions could arise about counting time signatures or how to execute certain rolls as closed or open in context with the rest of the piece. For the most part, I believe this book could be used as a way to expose players to snare drum music but would be better off using as it as merely music repertoire instead of introducing new concepts to the student. 2/5. User:Hondogracias


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