Fundamental Method for Timpani

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Mitchell Peters

General Info

Year: 1993
Edition: 1st Edition
Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing
Cost: $32.99
Page: 216
ISBN: 978-0-7390-2051-7


The timpani method book Fundamental Method for Timpani provides the beginning timpanist with a complete and comprehensive course of study covering all of the basic techniques involved in timpani playing. This book also covers some of the more advanced aspects, providing interest for even the most ambitious musicians. Along with perfecting the performance of the timpani, this book also provides proper training for the ear of the percussionist. The development of the ear first begins away from the drum with singing pitches and interval training. Then the exercises become etudes focused on such techniques like single drum melody pedaling and legato stroke philosophy.


About the Author
Preface and Acknowledgements
Chapter I: General Information
Chapter II: Basic Technique
Chapter III: Etudes for Two Timpani
Chapter IV: Exercises and Etudes for Three and Four Timpani
Chapter V: Appendix


Student Reviews

Fundamental Method is full of good exercises for developing good timpani technique. Moving in a logical method as it proceeds throughout the book, it covers almost every question a beginning timpanist may have. Each new technique is discussed in a few paragraphs and then the player is given anywhere from one to several etudes to practice the new technique. In some cases, the player is given an example of a symphonic etude that has been marked by a timpani player to showcase the techniques previously learned. Every section covering new techniques is very in-depth and capable of showing someone how to properly play. There are 63 etudes for the player to practice to increase their skill. The book also discusses proper maintenance and nomenclature of timpani at the end of the book.
Trevor Landreth; Emporia State University

"This book achieves the goal of providing a comprehensively complete book on the subject of timpani playing. Carefully constructed exercises that are constantly stressing the musicality of the percussionist, and improving the musician." - Denver Ridgway


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