Elementary Snare Drum Studies

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Mitchell Peters

General Info

Year: 1988
Edition: 1st Edition
Publisher: MPeters
Language: English
Number of Pages: 80
Level: Elementary
ISBN: 978-1-9346-3827-9
Cost: Book Cost - $27.95


This book starts out with simple sticking ideas and then has a few pieces with quarter notes and half notes. Progressively, it adds more exercises for developing sticking pattern techniques and gets into eighth notes. Then it gets into dynamics, accents, rolls, subdivisions, flams, sixteenth notes, and ties. Throughout the whole book there are pages called Stick Control that create multiple short exercises that one could do to warm-up. After one finishes at the Elementary level, there are also Intermediate and Advanced Snare Drum Studies written by the same composer.


Chapter I: Elementary Stick Control (Study 1-6)
Chapter II: Stick Control (Study 7-8)
Chapter III: Forte and Piano Stick Control (Study 9-10)
Chapter IV: Accents (Sturdy 11-15)
Chapter V: Rebound Strokes and Accents(Study 16-17)
Chapter VI: Basic Stroke Rolls (Study 18-19)
Chapter VII: Basic Subdivision (Study 20)
Chapter VIII: Roll Notation (Study 21-22)
Chapter VIV: Dynamic Control (Study 23-25)
Chapter X: Accent Patters (Study 26-29)
Chapter XI: Flams(Study 30-32)
Chapter XII: All of these things combined(Study 33-79)
Chapter XIII: Rhythmic Review (Etudes 1-6)


Student Reviews

Review by Ashley Feist:
Overall I think this book is fairly simple for the elementary child to understand. Although, there aren’t any explanations as to how to play what is written, why this is the next step, or what this exercise will benefit. This means that a teacher should be guiding the child through this book so they can explain what, why, and how to the child. It may be a little too long and repetitive at times, but it is a useful book to begin playing the snare drum. There are definitely a number of options of etudes for a teacher to choose from. If the teacher likes the elementary book, there are also intermediate and advanced books that follow. Rating: II


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Works for Percussion by this Author


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Theme and Variations for Marimba and Piano
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Multiple Percussion

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Additional Resources