Fundamental Method for Mallets, Book 2

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Mitchell Peters

General Info

Year: 1996

Edition: 1st Edition

Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing

Cost: Book Cost - $32.99

Page Count: 248

ISBN: 978-0-7390-2050-0


The method contains an abundance of essential exercises and etudes for both 2- and 4-mallet technique in two convenient volumes! Covers the grip, stroke, playing position, reading and technical studies, and more! The comb binding creates a lay-flat book that is perfect for study and performance. [1]


PART III: Two-Mallet Technique Continued

  • Basic Technique Patterns
  • Technical Exercises and Reading Studies

PART IV: Four-Mallet Technique Continued

  • Technical Exercises
  • Double Vertical Strokes
  • Double Vertical Strokes / Single-Handed Exercises
  • Single Independent Strokes / Single-Handed Exercises
  • Single Alternating Strokes / Single-Handed Exercises

Rolling with Four Mallets

  • The Double Vertical Roll
  • The Musser Roll
  • Double Lateral Roll
  • One-Handed Roll
  • The Mandolin Roll
  • Combined Strokes
  • Etudes


  • Striking the Bar
  • Stance
  • The Damper Pedal
  • Mallet Dampening
  • Dampening Notation / Exercises
  • Hand Dampening
  • The Motor
  • Sticking
  • Rolling



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