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Nathan Daughtrey

General Info

Year: 2012
Duration: 8:00
Difficulty: Advanced
Publisher: C. Alan Publication
Commission: NC Chapter of the Percussive Arts Society



Player 1: Glockenspiel & crotales & high woodblock
Player 2: Vibraphone & sizzle cymbal & medium woodblock
Player 3: Vibraphone & low woodblock
Player 4: Chimes & xylophone & claves
Player 5: Marimba & medium tom tom
Player 6: Marimba & medium low tom tom
Player 7: Marimba & low tom tom
Player 8: Timpani(4) & slapstick
Player 9: Snare Drum & bongos & bell tree & splash cymbal & suspended cymbal & China cymbal
Player 10: concert bass Drum & pedal bass Drum laid flat & tam-tam

Program Notes

Legacies was commissioned by the North Carolina Chapter of the Percussive Arts Society to honor renowned composer/percussionist/educator Lynn Glassock, who recently retired from his position at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This commission has a particularly special meaning to me, as Lynn's percussion octet "Layers" that was the first percussion ensemble work Nathan Daughtrey ever played. The impact his music has had on the world of percussion is immense, not to mention the impact it has had on Nathan Daughtrey own compositions.
As a starting point, Nathan Daughtrey used very similar instrumentation to Lynn’s piece “Factions” for 10 percussionists. Driven primarily by keyboard percussion, each performer additionally plays a battery or accessory instrument. The opening unison rhythm from “Factions” is also quoted and fragmented throughout “Legacies.” All of the melodic and harmonic material was derived from chromatically spelling out the name LYNN GLASSOCK with pitches.

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