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Nathan Daughtrey

General Info

Year of Composed: 2018
Publisher: C. Alan Publications
Duration: 00:04:30
Difficulty: Intermediate
Commissioner: Monroe Township Middle School, Yale Snyder & Zachary Morolda
Cost: $40.00


Player 1: Glockenspiel & Xylophone
Player 2: Vibraphone* & Marimba
Player 3: Chimes & Xylophone
Player 4: Marimba & Vibraphone*
Player 5: Marimba & Vibraphone*
Player 6: 4 Timpani
Player 7: Snare Drums & Triangles & Crash Cymbal
Player 8: 4 Concert Tom-toms & Wind Chimess & Crash Cymbal
Player 9: Hi-Hats & Suspended Cymbal
Player 10: Concert Bass Drums & Tam-Tam
Player 11: Tambourines & Egg Shaker
Player 12: Woodblock (Medium) & Cowbell

Program Notes

The Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) and Aurora Australis (Southern Lights) – the ethereal display of colored lights shimmering across the night sky – are the result of electrons colliding with the upper reaches of Earth's atmosphere. Luminescence is my musical interpretation of this beautiful natural phenomenon. Luminescence was commissioned by the Monroe Township Middle School Percussion Ensemble, directed by Yale Snyder, and Zachary Morolda, District Supervisor of the Department for the Applied Arts and Career Technology for the Monroe Township School District (NJ).

Recent Performance

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