Irish Washerwoman

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Nathan Daughtrey

General Info

Year: 2006
Duration: 00:02:00
Difficulty: Advanced
Publisher: C. Alan Publications
Cost: $65.00




Concert Band

Woodwind: Flute 1/2 & Oboe & Clarinet 1/2 & Bass Clarinet & Bassoon & Alto Saxophone 1/2 & Tenor Saxophone & Baritone Saxophone
Brass: Trumpet 1/2 & French Horn 1/2 & Trombone 1/2 & Euphonium & Tuba
Percussion: Concert Tom (Medium) & Bass Drum

Program Notes

Irish Washerwoman is one of the most well-known and beloved Irish jigs. This arrangement for solo xylophone and concert band originally appeared in a collection of Irish tunes for xylophone and marimba trio, titled "The Celtic Xylophone, Book 1". It is the perfect showpiece for a percussionist wanting to display his or her two-mallet keyboard technique.




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The Yuletide Marimbist (Book 1)
The Yuletide Marimbist (Book 2)
The Sacred Marimbist (Volume 2)


The Celtic Xylophone, Book 1
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