The Celtic Xylophone, Book 1

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Nathan Daughtrey

General Info

Mallet Ensemble version

Year: 2006
Level: Advanced
Instrumentation: Solo Xylophone with Marimba Trio
Publisher: C. Alan Publication
Cost: $36.00
Duration: 7:00

Piano Reduction version

Year: 2010
Level: Grade 8
Instrumentation: Solo Xylophone with Piano
Publisher: C. Alan Publication
Cost: $18.00
Duration: 7:00


The Celtic Xylophone, Book 1 is a collection of Irish tunes for solo xylophone and marimba trio. The arrangements are meant to be virtuosic showpieces for the xylophone and will work perfectly on solo recitals and percussion ensemble concerts.


  • Irish Washerwoman
  • Londonderry Air (Danny Boy)
  • The Absent-Minded Woman


Mallet Ensemble version

  • Solo Xylophone (3.5-octave)
  • Marimba 1 (4-octave)
  • Marimba 2 (4-octave)
  • Marimba 3 (5-octave)

Remarks:Marimba 1 & 3 may perform on the same instrument. All are 2-mallet parts.

Piano Reduction version

  • Solo Xylophone (3.5-octave)
  • Piano



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